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BioAq - water is life -

Increased well-being, improved plant growth and cleaner environment with BioAq whirled water

BioAq water whirlers produce a special water with interesting characteristics. This water has been reported to promote improvements in many different areas.

  • A great number of people have reported better well-being due to drinking whirled water. Quality improvements in hair, nails and skin have also been noticed. The improvements have also been seen in pets given the whirled water. 

  • BioAq water has been shown to increase plant growth. In controlled experiments, an increase in plant growth of up to 30% has been observed. Longer lasting plants and  more comprehensive root systems have also been obtained with whirled water.       

  • BioAq water may be used to support the environment through improved quality of water courses and for example less cyanophyta (blue green algae).

  • People who are electro-sensitive have found a certain relief for their electro-allergy when using whirled water.

  • Initial scientific research also shows that whirled water has potential to benefit several technology applications.

  • Each BioAq whirler consists of many spirals which are arranged partly clockwise and partly anti-clockwise in specific patterns. The method does not require addition of energy or maintenance.

  • The products are not clinically tested. They do not substitute medical care.

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