Bioaq water structurer (whirler)


The BioAq whirlers affect water in a positive way, resulting in beneficially altered properties.
Research and a great number of individual observations verify that BioAq water has many technical applications and influences wellbeing, the natural environment and the surroundings in a positive way.

The method does not require addition of energy.
The products are not clinically tested. They do not substitute medical care.

The BioAq innovation gives rise to for example  the following advantages:


There is increased plant growth and larger crops following treatment with BioAq whirled water. The plants also last longer, have higher levels of for example vitamin C and develop a more substantial root system.


According to user reports, drinking whirled water increases the well-being of humans and animals.
Whirled water has been reported by people who are electrosensitive to balance harmful energies (such as electrosmog).


Whirled water influences cyanobacteria (bluegreen algae). Fish multiply better.

The BioAq whirlers differ in some aspects from other tested whirlers on the market.

1. BioAq water preserves its BioAq qualities when exposed to heavy UV radiation.
2. With BioAq whirlers it is possible to structure distilled and deionized water.
3. Exposure to waves in a microwave oven does not eliminate the BioAq water qualities.
4. It is possible to whirl BioAq water repeatedly.

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