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Cosmic Vision News Interview


“Many CVN listeners are familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, who has demonstrated how water has the potential to remember and adapt to the energies to which it is exposed.
Water is of course, the essence of life, and the human body consists of 60-75% of the human body, depending upon which source you refer to.
The week, CVN looks at a small but growing company in Sweden and Finland called BioAq. BioAq, which is a short form for BioAqua, meaning ‘Living Water’ or more commonly ‘Water is Life’.
This company has been working on a product line of water whirlers. What is ‘whirled water’ you may ask?

According to their website, “ Whirled water is produced by allowing water to flow through spirals in a water whirler. In this process, the water is directed partly clockwise and partly anti-clockwise, in motions reminiscent of the movements of water in a babbling brook. The method is natural and environmentally friendly, and does not require the addition of external energy.

Even though research and a large number of individual observations indicate that there is a change in the structure of water when it is whirled, the mechanism for this alteration cannot be scientifically adequately explained today. The hydrogen in water and the cluster formation could be assumed to be in key positions for explanations.

One possible explanation is that spirals in general can attract photons. This capacity has been documented by a number of scientists.
Whirled water has been tested on a small scale with four different biomechanical instruments. These methods have all shown that the whirled water affects the well-being of the body in a positive way.”

The company currently offers six different types of whirlers, four of which can be directly connected to a tap or faucet, and two that look like funnels and can be used for travel purposes. To help you visualize a whirler, picture in your minds a funnel. At the base of the funnel is something like a spring coil with seven rotations, followed by the exit of the funnel. This is the basic idea behind the design.

On the question of water memory, the website offers some information to support this theory, although it is a theory that is considered controversial in some circles. Just as Dr. Emoto has done with his work, BioAq supports also the ability to affect water. The website writes that: “ Research has been conducted in a number of laboratories under controlled conditions. The conclusion that can be drawn from these experiments is that it seems possible to create imprints in water. These imprints are electromagnetic in their nature. However, there are also research reports which have not confirmed these results. Potentially this shows how complicated water is.

The agitation of water to create positive effects is known in some other ways. For example, if you stand close to a waterfall, you will notice that the air smells cleaner due to the negative ions that are generated by the rapid agitation of the falling water. The BioAq website notes that there is about “200 years old homeopathy is based on the memory of water. The principle for production of homeopathic remedies is that the solution is diluted a number of times during vigorous shaking until the original diluted substrate no longer can be present in the solution.”

CVN spoke with Trygve Forsten, the owner and founder of BioAq to learn a bit more about this work, its process and its effects:

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1. How did you become interested in working with water as a modality of healing? What is your background for this work? How did you become interested in making water whirlers?

As a biologist I have allways been interested in water. I also understod early that water is extremely complicated. My work with water was not first a question of healing, it was a general interest for water.
In the beginning of this century I met a swedish inventor, Bertil Pettersson. He claimed that he could change the molecular structure of water with a spiral systeme. This was interesting and I conducted a lot of tests in different watercourses. And I noticed that something positive happened with the water.

We were a team that started some more reseach regarding Bertils water. We got documentation that Bertil was right. Bertil´s device was in many aspects a quite good whirler.
But it was also a wellknown fact that these whirlers did not work in every situation. I subsequently developed the whirlers and fortunately solved these problems. We call these developed whirlers BioAq whirlers.

With the new whirlers you can treat the water in a micro oven without wiping out the subtile energies, you can whirl destilled and ionized water and so on. This is not possible with previous whirlers.
These new qualities indicate that something quite different happens using the BioAq devices. The effects even increase if the treatment is prolonged or if you repeat the whirling the same water.

Today I find it most likely that we are dealing with platonic solids. And I believe that this is one reason why we get interesting results.
The solid icosaeder could be important. These solids are likely to resonate with cosmic energies and thereby implementing energies into water.

2. In doing your research, what are some of the more important things you have learned about the properties of water, related to healing?

We have a lot of interesting applications. Our best documentation is in plant studies. But different people are also reporting interesting impovements regarding well-being using BioAq water. For example: Better hair and nail quality, improvements of skin, less wrinkles and so on.
We have also anecdotal indications that the water has been helpful in many other cases.
The BioAq water seems to produce a general wellbeing.

But please note that we have no clinical documentation so far.

3. A question that is becoming increasingly more important is the increased exposure to electromagnetic frequencies and the impact of this on the human body. Some of your research has touched on this, and there is evidence to suggest that whirled water may help the body deal with these frequencies?

Unfortunately we have no research yet today. But a significant number of sensitive people are of the opinion that whirled water gives a certain level of protection against this radiation.

4. How does a water ‘whirler’ work? What is the energetic process that takes place to make this design do what it does?

The process is complicated. We believe that the whirlers create vortexes that enable the spirals to catch photones. This process has been documented by some researchers

5. Your website mentions that water whirlers are being used in some pools in Sweden, and that at least one company has experienced a benefit from whirled water. The product therefore can be applied to larger uses, as well as industrial applications?

Yes, we have applications that may be of great interest everywhere where there is water. Or even oil liquids.
We have also strong indications that cyanobacterias, bluegreen algae, are affected. Fish breed better, looks healthier and so on.

6. Is there any key or important information not mentioned so far that you feel is important for people to know about water or about your work?

I mentioned that our best documentation are our plant studies. Some of the results are on the BioAq home page.
The energetic BioAq water inreases plant growth even up to 30% using tap water as control water. The plant stems are more stabile, root systeme more comprehensive. This should be an advantage in arid areas.
The plants and products last longer watered with BioAq water. This has also been observed with cut flowers.
There is a also better uptake of nutrients for example silicon which is important of many reasons, there is for example an increase in the resistans to several biotic and abiotic stressors.

The homepage for BioAq is As usual, all links will appear in the show summary, including the contact page, for any who are resonating with this as a possible modality of healing and who wish to research more, or contact the company directly. You can mention that you heard about it on Cosmic Vision News.

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