Photos of beautiful BioAq water crystals using technology developed by Dr. M. Emoto (The Hidden Messages in Water, 2004). The photographs of BioAq crystals were obtained in a Swiss laboratory. Dr Emoto documented that a high quality water results in beautiful crystals, whereas crystals for example from polluted water lack beauty and look very different. Also crystals produced using tap water exposed to pressure in pipes, without treatment such as vortexing / whirling, are less attractive. Dr Emoto showed that also various other circumstances can influence water crystals. The crystals obtained with BioAq water support the positive testimonials from BioAq water users.


Many advantages have been observed by professional farmers and by people growing plants at home when using BioAq water. The most rapid responses have been observed with annuals – plants that germinate, bloom, produce seed within one year. BioAq water is also recommended for hydroponic cultivation, which is a method of growing plants without the use of soil. BioAq water is an excellent tool for use with organic agriculture.

BioAq water advantages

  • Increased production has been observed, with the final results depending on the plant species and the control water. This is well documented through various sources.



  • Higher quality products have been reported.
  • Many products have an improved taste and scent.
  • Seeds sprout earlier. A larger percentage of seeds sprout.
  • The growth is faster for some plants during the first weeks.
  • Root systems are more comprehensive, elastic and also stronger.



  • Plants have been noted to tolerate drought better. A reduced requirement for water is an advantage in dry areas and can make plants less sensitive to climate changes.
  • Plants and fruits last longer. This has been observed also with cut flowers. Improved flowering has been reported with pot flowers.
  • A reduced requirement for pesticides has been reported with the use of BioAq water.

Due to the above mentioned properties watering with BioAq water is recommended for use with organic cultivation.


Testimonials report increased well-being, including also for animals, when using BioAq water. Many individuals who have drunk 5500 water report for example an increased quality and growth of hair and nails, as well as skin improvements. Also other observations have been noted. No clinical studies have been conducted.

CYANOBACTERIA (bluegreen algae)

BioAq structuring creates beneficial characteristics for water in rivers, ponds and lakes. Phanerogames (flower plants) are favoured while cyanobacteria and algae are reduced. Experiences from swimming pools document a reduction of cyanobacteria and algae, as well as a pool water more pleasant for swimming.

Vaxholm guest harbour

Laboratory tests
In cultures with the cyanobacteria species Anabaena 7120, Microcystis PCC 7806, Leptolyngbya 73110 and Phormidium sp, frequencies were sought to which the various species would be sensitive. A frequency generator was used. Through exposure to specific frequencies, the cyanobacteria were destroyed.

A number of individuals who experience sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation have felt that structured water provides a degree of protection against this radiation.


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