Shall I choose BioAq-200 or BioAq-5500 whirler?

Both whirlers create structured water. We recommend BioAq-200 for watering plants, for aquaries and so on. Both 200 and 5500 water can be used as drinking water.

Many people who have been drinking BioAq-5500 water have noticed an improvement of hair and nail quality, and that their skin feels softer and more fresh. The 200 water seem to have the same qualities as the 5500 water but the effect of the 200 water is noticed at a later stage.
We recommend 5500 water also for showers, swimming pools etc.
A good solution is to combine for example a whirler for kitchen with a whirler for shower.
With respect to wellbeing, no clinical studies have been conducted to date.

Why shall I drink BioAq structured water?

BioAq whirlers create a structured, ”living” water. When water is transported long distances under pressure in pipes important qualities are lost. This is not a high quality water for drinking. People who are drinking BioAq structured water report many positive effects.

In one single cell there may be 100.000 chemical reactions per second. This implies an enormous amount of reactions in every person. Even DNA needs water for its function. It is very likely that the water quality is important for these reactions.

Water uptake in cells is a complicated process.

The Nobel prize winner Peter Agre (2003) discovered that there are small channels – aquaporins – in cell membranes. Through these thin channels water molecules pass one by one with an enormous speed.

Tap water and bottled water contain large clusters of water molecules. These have to be broken down into smaller clusters to make the cell hydration easier. The process needs much energy before water can pass through the membranes, without significant energy loss.

BioAq whirled water consists likely of smaller molecular clusters, and therefore water passes easier through the cell membranes without significant energy losses.

Does it make difference which way I am turning the 3/4” whirler when attaching it?

No, it makes no difference. It should be attached after the water meter. A professional should perform the work.

It is a good idea to combine the 3/4” or 1” whirler with a shower whirler.

How shall I attach the kitchen whirler?

The kitchen whirler is convenient to attach to a kitchen tap. Detach the old faucet aerator and replace it with the kitchen whirler.
The most common dimension is M22 but M24 is also used. M24 should be requested from info@bioaq.com
general whirler may also be a convenient solution.

Is it possible to boil water in a microwave owen?

In contrast to earlier whirlers, the whirling properties do not disappear when boiling the water or microwaving it in a microwave oven.

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